Concealed Carry Pistol Class / CCP

Questions, Answers and Topics Covered


First, how familiar are you with your choice of hand gun?

How do you select the right ammunition for self-defense of yourself or others?

So, you own and shoot a hand gun quite often; how do you handle that handgun around others, how do you correctly hand off that handgun to another?

What does the State have to say about the laws as written in the Colorado Revised Statutes, CRS?

Do you understand how hand guns function and the reason why you need to understand how a handgun functions, as in double action vs single action?

Do you understand the stress factors as related to an active threat, either in the home or outside of the home?

Do you understand the mind set if a threat is charging you at thirty feet with a weapon or just an intimidating growling-screaming mouth full of threatening epithets?

What does it mean to stop the threat?   Do you talk it down or do you trip the trigger?

So, what happens in Criminal court after you stopped the threat, what happens if you are not plagued with criminal action but find yourself in Civil Court?
What if?

As a threat escalates, there are many questions and emotions that can go through the mind within a split second,  you are forced to make a decision and live with it for the rest of your life. These are just a few of the scenarios that will be discussed and acted out in the Pathway Evolutions Conceal Carry Pistol Class.

Course Description and Cost


BASE LEVEL CLASS: The ten (10) Hour class is $125.00 per person.
ADVANCED LEVEL: The sixteen (16) Hour class is $165.00 per person
Payment options may be available.

Minimum class size is four (4) persons,  maximum class size is twelve (12).

The ADVANCED LEVEL CLASS is more intense class, lecture, theory and practical factors (range time) including defensive and offensive measures applied. This Sixteen (16) hour class is usually held on weekends but can be split between evenings depending on interest and availability.

Special Note: If you are relatively new  to handling and shooting a hand gun, you will be given extra one on one instruction and support to help build the confidence needed to become proficient with your firearm of choice. This time is of no charge as it is most important that you become proficient with the hand gun before you walk the streets armed.

These classes are conducted by an NRA certified Pistol instructor. All classes are loaded with real world question and answer sessions followed by a written exam.

Absolutely no ammunition will be allowed in the class room.


Class Supplies and Equipment


What will I need to attend the Class:

· A working Pistol or Revolver.

· A strong workable holster, preferably one with a latch that will secure the firearm in the holster until needed. Recommend a Black Hawk Serpa holster or a Kydex type.

“No thigh holsters please.”

  • Two extra magazines to total three with one in the Pistol.
  • The Ten-hour class will require One Hundred (100) Rounds of Ammunition. You will furnish your own ammunition.
  • The Sixteen-hour class will require One Hundred Fifty (150) Rounds of Ammunition. You will furnish your own ammunition.
  • The ammunition for these classes are required to be ‘FMJ’ (Full Metal Jacketed) no expanding defense loads please.
  • Safety glasses are available at most any hardware store. MINIMUM ANSI Z87.1 COMPLIANT
  • Hearing protection if you have it, if not, ear plugs will be provided.
  • A three-ring binder for your class material. A “two-inch size-D type rings” for ease of operation recommended.

If you have not purchased a fire arm yet and are unsure of what to buy, a loaner will be available. If you are wanting to purchase a firearm, you may call prior to the class and the instructor will assist you in making a purchase.

Although some NRA info will be used, this is not an NRA Certified class but will be instructed by an NRA certified instructor.
Classes will be held on either the 2nd or 4th weekend of each month.

Pathway Evolutions Range Description

Our Private Range is available to current and former CCP class participants in order to maintain the perishable skills received from the CCP classes. Separate range fees and rage schedule availability apply. Contact Us for More information.

Pathway Evolutions Private Outdoor Gun Range,

  • 2ea. 80′ wide x 100 yard.  Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun.
  • 1ea. 40′ x 40′ Multi Directional for Movement drills with safe entrance. Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun.
  • Range features 15′ minimum full berm enclosures.